Anggy. 22. Pansexual. Married. Born in Massachusetts, currently live in Florida. Harry Potter, Sex, Bacon, Sharks, Musicals, Tattoos, Curvy Women, and Boobies make me smile. I am a Proud Hufflepuff. Feel free to creep at my page, or say hi. :)

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post a semi nude pic of myself, and gain 4 followers….is that all it takes?

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That awkward moment when your Ex decides to message you when you’re about to Fap…


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Texting a Friend who recently broke her leg.

Amy:I hate the pain
Me:I wish I could help.
Amy:Make my leg better?
Me:I need Phoenix Tears...but I no has them.
Amy:What are those?
Me:You're not a Harry Potter fan?
Amy:Oh wait, that bird thing and that snake?
Me:*face palm*

that awkward moment when your boyfriend tells you some chick was checkin’ out my ass as we were leaving Dunkin’ Donuts…

and then encourages me to go ask her “how she’s doin’?”…he’s just very curious about how I would “pick up” a woman…*face palm* /guy dating a pansexual woman problems.

(Source: anggykinspants)

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